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Gill Tract Farm Coalition

Black Earth Farms, Sogorea Te Land Trust, and UC Berkeley

The UC Gill Tract Community Farm’s mission is to conduct collaborative community-driven research, education, and extension focused on ecological farming and food justice, and to foster equitable economies, a healthy environment, and increased resilience in vulnerable communities, both urban and rural.

The Gill Tract is a collaborative community project between the University of California, Berkeley and the local community, focused on issues of food justice and urban farming.  It is located in Albany, CA, at the corner of San Pablo Ave and Marin Ave. It is an urban farm where you can come and harvest food for yourself and your family in exchange for help with weeding, planting, and watering; it aims to supply fresh organic food to anyone who lacks access to it in our East Bay communities.

The UC Gill Tract Community Farm is one of the increasing number of urban agriculture and alternative sustainable food systems worldwide that exist to develop innovative local solutions to social, environmental and economic injustices. Community members are working with representatives of UC Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources to create a stewardship council that will jointly govern the land as we learn about, research, and address food needs in the East Bay region and beyond.

Vegetable Picking

Top Photo by Julia Goddard. Bottom Photo by Sarah Siegel.

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