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Write to us with any questions about our work or collaboration opportunities!  Fill out the form, or email us directly.

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Helpful Contacts

Client 5

Moe Sumino

Berkeley Food Institute, Gardens Coordinator. SOGA Manager

Client 6

Grace Pan

Berkeley Food Institute, Garden Coordinator

Client 4

Cole Rainey

Phd Student, Agroecology Lab

Oxford Tract Field Manager

Client 1

Nathalie Muñoz

Berkeley Food Institute, Administrative Coordinator

Client 2

Nina Ichikawa

Berkeley Food Institute, Executive Director

Client 2

Rosalie Fansehel

Berkeley Food Institute, Program Manager

Client 3

Natalia Semeraro

Basic Needs Food Manger

Client 5

Claire Stockwell

Basic Needs Food Recovery Coordinator

Client 6

Sam Lubow

Cal Dining Sustainability Coordinator

Client 4

Timothy Bowles

Assistant Professor, ESPM

Client 1

Effie Rawlings

UC Gill Tract Community Farm

Client 7

Theron Klos

Head of Grounds Department

Client 8

Will Smith

Black Earth Farms

UC Gill Tract Community Farm

Client 3

Star Beltman

Herbicide Free Campus, Cal Campus Coordinator

Client 5


Hera has been a solid supporter since the founding of Berkeley Student Farms. From helping with logistics to providing us with much needed supplies, we can count on them for anything and are grateful for all they do.

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